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1.) What’s your favorite country?
I seem to be quite fond of almost every other country I don’t live in (US) but I don’t think I could say a favorite considering I haven’t left this country. Europe just seems nice from here.

2.) What do you think of classical music?
It reminds me of my grandparents because that’s all they listen to and when I was little I hated it but now I think it’s beautiful. I don’t listen to it enough though.

3.) How many foreign languages you know and which are those?
I learned two years of American Sign Language, I’m not very good though.

4.) What’s you favorite book?
The secret garden, the catcher in the rye

5.) What’s your biggest dream?
To build my own house and have my own subsistence farm. Or possibly growing enough to give to the hungry/homeless shelters/something, or it would be cool to have a restaurant place that’s free or really cheap with food made from my garden.

6.) What’s your favorite fictional character?
This is so hard. I don’t know if I would say Holden Caulfield is my favorite.. I don’t know. There’s so many characters. Answer n/a.

7.) Which foreign countries have you visited?
Unfortunately none. Yet.

8.) What’s your biggest fear?
Not doing number 5. Or having kids that don’t like me. Or killing someone on accident. Driving scares me. Or being alone. Or losing complete hope. Or watching all the life on earth die (trees).

9.) If you would win a great amount of money, how would you spend it?
On number 5. And traveling.

10.) Have you ever thought about names for your future children? If yes, which are those names?
Oh my gosh yes. I have thought about this so much on the verge of obsessing. For a girl I like: Holland, Juliet, Esther, Sally, Jane, Heidi For a boy I like: Wesley, Alexander, Henry, Roman, Beckman, Erikson
I can’t think of all of them now..

11.) Where would you like to live?
Ideally probably somewhere in Europe but idk if that would ever happen since I was born here, have family and am so used to it here. So staying here I would like to live where I have open land but I am moderately close to a city and some neighbors.


Life goals


I just want to stay at home and make soaps, candles, keep bees, raise ducks, chickens, goats, pigs, cows and horses. I want to garden organically too. I don’t consider that housewifery, I consider that a fulfilling life built upon hard work, discipline, planning, and optimism.


If opening your eyes, or getting out of bed, or holding a spoon, or combing your hair is the daunting Mount Everest you climb today, that is okay.

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